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Youth City Closure

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How Youth City was closed.

I have no blood line left, and if I do, I don't know who they are. The State of Texas has already sent people involved to prison. The Texas politicians should be the next ones in prison. I have endured the worst possible nightmare, to include being raped, molested by a judge, assaulted; beaten, forced to endure humiliation; abandoned, ignored, and I continue to get the cold shoulder treatment from the State. I have no faith that the State will make this right for kids. They will most likely try to cover this up too. This isn't about money. Its about justice for those who weren't so fortunate; those who died or were murdered by those who were supposed to care for them. Contact your Texas political representative to complain. I will not quit, and I ask that you all not quit either. Together we have a voice.

While I was in Egypt in 2004, DHS contacted me to testify about problems at Youth City.

Ms. Brenda Lee interviewed me, and actually apologized for what had happened to me. She was the very first State of Texas employee who had ever acknowledged that problems existed at Youth City.

Coastal Bend Youth City

In late 2006, Coastal Bend Youth City finally closed its doors permanently. All of its property was eventually auctioned off.

When I last visited Youth City in 1992, several girls approached me to complain. I told them to tell anyone and everyone who would listen. This ultimately led to the closure.

Youth City Director John Noles

Mr. Noles stated that once the license was pulled, bills started to pile up. Eventually, it was more than Youth City could withstand.

Of the 30 something kids at Youth City, all were sent to neighboring facilities within the State.

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