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10 August 2013 -
President Obama met with wounded warriors at the DAV, and tried to make it sound like he actually cares about veterans; which most veterans know, he doesn't care. My own husband served this country for 22 years. He sustained numerous wounds and injuries during his service. Did you know that it takes, on average, 3 months for a veteran to get an appointment at a VA Clinic. My husbands conditions is worsening, and he's lucky if he can speak to anyone about this. It is becoming more and more difficult for him to maintain employment because of his health problems. It's no surprise that the numbers of vets committing suicide are so high. These vets are so proud, they rarely complain about their conditions. When they do, the VA is so dysfunctional and full of government red-tape, the chances they'll get any real assistance is very slim. Our government told my husband they owed him over $35,000 for mistakes they made on his disability claim; but he has been waiting for over 3 years for them to respond. If he were to owe the government $35,000, the government would have placed a lien on our home immediately. This is the way our government treats its veterans. Sad but true. Obama has literally stripped military retiree families of 99% of the medical care they were promised. Just look at dental care. We used to be able to go to Military Dental Clinics for dental care, but Obama killed that aspect of our care. The veterans themselves, their spouses and their children are no longer allowed to visit these dental clinics. Thanks for nothing Obama. The former military medical insurance system called Tricare, is now so dysfunctional, that military retirees are being kicked out of this insurance program. Those lucky enough to qualify for this, now have to pay premiums three times higher than before; and these premiums are going up again soon. Of course, the amount of retirement we receive hasn't gone up at all. Many retirees still have school age children to care for; but Obama has made it so difficult and expensive to do so, more and more families simply can't afford it anymore. What's amazing is how welfare recipients get free dental care, and free medical care, and are not asked to pay any premium. Welfare recipients are clearly being treated better than our veterans. Obama also said that our wars are coming to an end. But we clearly have terrorist right here in our own country trying to kills us. So why would we kick out 200,000 soldiers from our military? This is what Obama is trying to do right now. What is being done to America by Obama almost makes us an "Obama-nation."He has removed God from almost every aspect of our lives; given gays the same rights as every married couple; and made us look like a bunch of redneck, inbred hillbillies. I hate that my mixed-race (Black and White) grandchildren have to grow up in this society. Just remember the promises Obama made, that he didn't keep. I vote to impeach him immediately, before its too late. God help our country.

For those who think our nation is being ruined:
I urge you to read this link, and sign-up like we did.
Our nation has reached a new low point, and it's clear where the fault lies. Another interesting story here:
 Both of these articles clearly shows some disturbing details about the President.

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