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Years at Youth City
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Here are more pictures of my time at Youth City.

Mrs. Moore, the Directors wife, purchased a tennis outfit with a tennis racket, and asked me to wear this and pose for several photos meant to drum up donations. After the photos were taken, Mrs. Moore took the tennis outfit, the racket and returned it get her money back. Many of the pictures taken at Youth City were staged to appear that kids were well treated and taken care of. Clearly that was not the case. Since I didn't have any family, Mrs. Moore was appointed as my "auxillary aunt," a job which she did not take very seriously.


Me at age 12 in Youth City

Living at Youth City provided little to smile about. Being a minority at Youth City, I was always treated very poorly.


Youth City kids headed off to Padre Island on trash detail

Youth City kids (including me) were forced to work in cotton fields and trash pick up details. We were supposed to be paid for our work, but I never received a penny.


Girls from my cottage

The girl in the middle was my best friend. Later in life she developed serious health issues and died at a young age. She had developed diabetes while living at Youth City, which was never treated. Many children with childhood illnesses were never treated.


Youth City kids at Garner State Park.

Most years in late summer, Youth City would take the kids to Garner State Park for the weekend.

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