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This page is additional pictures from my past.


Youth City House Parent Ms. Ida Mustain

Ms. Mustain was my house parent during my time at Youth City. She had a mean streak in her, and exercised it often to keep the girls in line. She would force me to dig grave-like pits in the hot Texas summer sun to bury her cigarette butts. Many years later, I discovered that her maiden name was Sosbee; which is now my married name. What a coincidence. Her treatment of me at this facility could definitely be considered abuse. As you can see from her photo, Ms. Mustain was rather elderly when she worked at Youth City, caring for 20 girls. One might think this task impossible; as did we girls. We thought at her age she would have a heart attack. There were several other staff members at Youth City who were elderly as well; with some even dying at Youth City.

Ms. Ida Mustain


Some of the other kids at Youth City.

At times there were as many as 200 children being kept at Youth City. With only a handful of staff members; we children outnumbered staff by 20 to 1. The majority of children at Youth City were Hispanic; many of who belonged to illegal aliens. It was said at one time that Youth City was trafficking children from Mexico, and records of these children seldom exist. Most children there had families that visited them periodically. I had no visits from anyone.

Tommy and I married on July 16th of 1986.

Carolyn Ann Sosbee

This is me; a young model in training
Carolyn in 1985 Honoloulu Hawaii


Youth City staff members kids also lived at the facility with their parents. They were treated much better than the other children who were required to be there.

Staff members children were often the source of much discourse among children, as jealousy always came into focus.


Me in early 1983 after two pregnancies.

A modeling photo of me engraved in wood by my husband Tommy as a sign of his devotion to me. I was working hard, holding several jobs trying to make ends meet. I had already lost my daughter Sabra, and my son George. I was struggling through all of that.

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