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The Proof
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I want to apologize for my potty mouth. I know I can be blunt and quite matter of fact at times. I am a strong believer that pedophiles should be executed. Men who rape women should be locked up forever. Taxpayers are paying too much to take care of pedophiles. They will never change. They can't be rehabilitated. The price of a single bullet is about 50 cents. The cost to lock up a pedophile for years is in the hundreds of thousands. Make an example of a few of them. It would scare the others to not molest kids. This is the rationale I use. So those of you who frown at my attitude and language, just don't read my website. Orphans should have a voice. They need to vent about the events in their lives. The abuse, the torture, etc. If more Christian's would join our cause, it would really be helpful. All of you normal people, just go ahead and live your lives and stay out of our way. God is on our side. Amen.

I have provided a great deal of evidence to the State of Texas.

After my premature removal from Coastal Bend Youth City at the age if 14, I wanted to enroll at Klein High School. I asked my adoptive father to sign for me. He agreed. There is only one way I could have been in Klein, and that was because someone removed me from Youth City; namely the MacKenney's.

Klein Forest High School Transcript
It makes you wonder how I got out of Youth City!!

Page 2 of my transcript shows what year I started

Mrs. Donna Harris and her husband Jack Harris of Corpus Christi Texas agreed to take me out of Youth City on a trial basis initially, and found the arrangement ammicable. This lead to additional longer stays with them to determine suitability for possible adoption.  After staying with them for a while, suddenly, and without notice Jack Harris escorted me back to Youth City, stating that the arrangement simply wasn't going to work. He later confided in me that his wife was extremely jealous about having a teenage girl staying with them. I later discovered that Donna used her brief experience with me as a credential on her resume when she sought work at a state children's home. I found Donna to be rather callous and extremely self absorbed. She definitely is not qualified to be around children at all. I remember on one occasion she actually yelled at me screaming "Are you Stupid?" and was constantly laughing at me.  I cannot imagine a State Children's Home allowing her to be hired without verifying her credentials. Perhaps the State Home is liable. Who knows what Donna may have done to other children. Donna was not, and probably still is not a likely candidate to be around children. It's sad that the State allows people such as Donna to gain employment where children will be exposed to her.

I have presented many documents and photographs to the State and it's investigators, and simply put, they still have no idea how I got out of Youth City. There remains no legal court order authorizing my premature removal by the MacKenney's.

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