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On this page I'll show some of the pictures from my childhood, and others after I left Youth City. I do not have very many.


Coastal Bend Youth City, Driscoll Texas

Coastal Bend Youth City opened in 1950, as part of the former Boy's Town. All that you see was built or added to by the kids and residents of Youth City.

The shirt I'm wearing in this picture was loaned to me by Jovita (house-parent) for the purpose of the picture, since I had only rags to wear. Kids in the other pictures without shoes, rarely had any shoes to wear. My 6-page declaration can't begin to describe how we were treated.


Carolyn at Youth City

One of the few times I was able to smile while living at Youth City.


Boy's at Youth City were not always nice to the girls.

Almost all of the boys living at Youth City were trying to establish themselves, and bragging about their adventures; true or not. It was something the girls learned to live with. Some boys who were raised at Youth City later became House Parents as they got older. These three boys all became house parents. One of them got a Youth City girl pregnant, then married her. She was under age at the time.


Eating lunch during a break on a work detail. I was camera shy, so you can only see my legs.


My adopted parents George and Mayree MacKenney with my baby George.

George MacKenney was a successful building contractor in Houston with many famous structures to his credit; which included The Quail Valley Racquetball Club; Bum Phillips new home and others. He was also very deceitful. He and my mother lied to the hospital where my son was admitted; claiming they were his parents. Remember that I was removed from their care at an early age for the abuse I suffered at their hands.


Some boys from the East Wing at Youth City.


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